Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thursday Thoughts...

I don't usually like to come on here and bash others or their lifestyles....BUT...yesterday I was very disturbed by a few blogs I read. They are not blogs I usually read, one was emailed to me by another shocked friend and the others were linked to this blog. The basic topic of these blogs yesterday was....."How women can make themselves more attractive to keep their man happy."  They were talking about how they should not wear what is comfortable to them while in bed because their husband may not find it attractive. And they were not talking about times when they would be having relations with their husband; they were talking about every night sleeping. Another blog was talking about how her husband was making comments about how she does not shave her legs as much anymore and she was going to try harder to make sure her legs were smooth for her husband.

Now I am not a huge Women's Liberation person but I have to page homage to those women who paved the way for me.  I am not trying to say we should all wear horrible clothes to bed and run around with hairy legs, but shouldn't these be things we do for ourselves? When I do great things for myself, like shave my legs, paint my nails or wear cute clothes, it makes me feel cute and sexy and that makes me more attractive to my husband. 

I also think the door has to swing both ways.  Men have to remember to do the same things. They have to remember that when they feel good they look good to us! I think my point is that a couple has to be sure to have mutual respect for the other. Marriage is hard work but has to be done equally on both ends. One person can’t carry the load while the other reaps the rewards. My husband and I have a great balance in our marriage. There are times when one person is having a weak time in life and the other picks up to be the strong one and vice versa. Let’s not revert back to the “Leave it to Beaver” age where the woman was just there to please her husband. That way of life does not benefit anyone in the end.

Respect yourself and others will respect you!!

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