Monday, August 15, 2011

McFatty Monday Update

It seems that my tag word "Cake" from last week carried over into this week. I think I am officially done with cake until my cousin's wedding at the end of this month. What a relief, Cake is my biggest weakness in life. With all the cake I have consumed lately, I still managed to lose weight this week. I lost 1/2 pound which I was proud of due to my food intake. I have to say that I do so much better when I am at work. I only pack the food I am allowing myself that day and I don't take cash with me, this way I stay away from the vending machine. When I am at home, especially with Ethan, I tend to snack much more. Ethan loves to snack and there are so many more choices in our house than I actually allow myself at work. I used to stock my desk with whole boxes of snacks  and now I leave them at home and only take the ones I will eat that day. 

The website I posted above is a new one from the USDA. This is the new way they want people to think about their food instead of the food pyramid. This is a new fantastic way for everyone to visualize their plate when fixing a meal. I have admit, my plate does not look like this each meal. I doubt there are many people out there who can say they make their plate look like this each time. I do have to say I am proud that the one thing I am sure to get in each day are my whole grains and my fruits and veggies. I never have a problem getting in the grains because that is my favorite food group. 
Hi my name is Jennifer, and I am addicted to BREAD!!
Fruits and veggies are another one of my favorite groups and lucky for me, a lot of the fruit and veggies on the Weight Watchers plan are zero points plus. This is one of the ways I fill my meals and my belly up each day. Protein and dairy are the ones I have to work on fitting into my points better each day. It is not that I don't like these groups, there is not a group I don't like hence the extra weight, but they take up so much more of my daily points plus and there are days I don't always fit them in the way I need to. I do have to say, if any one of you are looking for a wonderful program to help lose weight, Weight Watchers happens to be great! I don't feel hungry or dis-satisfied, most days. There are the days I am dis-satisfied because I only want to eat crap food that day and I force myself to stay on program. Those days I am not dis-satisfied with the program but with myself. 

This weight loss journey continues to be difficult. But each time I have a victory, no matter how large or small, I feel so much better about myself. I am proud of each and every pound, half pound and even quarter pound I have lost. I am glad I can share this journey with each of you who read every Monday. Have a happy and healthy week!!

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