Friday, July 15, 2011

Y3W - No More Rain

So, this time last week I was talking about being thankful for the rain. Now, I am hoping Mother Nature is getting ready to dry up. We have had 8 days of rain here in Denver and most of it accompanied by other severe weather.  I would have no problem with the rain if it could manage to stay away from the rush hour traffic time. For the last week it has messed up my evening drive several times. My babysitter has a very strict pick-up time of 5:00 pm and gets very upset if we are late to pick up. This is causing me anxiety everyday on my drive home, I have been very worried about getting there on time. 

Dear Mother Nature, Thank you so much for the needed moisture here in Denver, please feel free to move that wonderful moisture on to another place, like Texas, so we can dry up just a little bit and mow the grass that has grown so tall I almost lost my dog in there tonight on our walk. Sincerely, Denver Driver

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!


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  2. mmmhmm I'm not a fan of rain. Good luck on the rain rain go away front. OOO I'm about to follow you on twitter. :o)

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