Monday, July 25, 2011

McFatty Monday Update

Well, my journey has come to another speed bump. I did not lose weight last week, but, this time I will not let it define me for weeks like it did last time. Instead of wallowing in self pity I went out and celebrated a bit this weekend. I was not really celebrating the fact that I did not lose weight, I had several parties scheduled. I ate mostly food that was good for me with a few indulgences thrown in there. I have decided that if I do throw those indulgences in there I will not beat myself up about it. In real life there are times I want to indulge and I just have to take the responsibility for it.

I think the thing that bothered me the most was the fact that I made an effort to get in more exercise and it did not change the scale. I am planning to continue the 3-30 min walks at work this week and the walks with Ethan and the dog and see if this activity will catch up with me on the scale.

In church yesterday my pastor was talking about attitude during his sermon and I was reminded that having a great attitude can change your outlook on anything. I know that my attitude toward this weight loss journey is half my battle. It is not easy and I get discouraged but if I keep my attitude leaning toward “glass half full” I will be able to complete this!


  1. You go! Im trying to lose the baby weight and it is not going so well, in a year I have lost 5 pounds:/I pray we can both meet our goals!

  2. Meg, I have always had a problem with weight but it got worse after having my son too. We will both meet our goals!! Thanks for reading!