Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Midweek Randoms - BUGS!!

Flick from Disney Pixar's A Bug's Life

Ethan is not like most boys, he is not a huge fan of bugs. He will tell you that he is NOT afraid of bugs, although Mommy knows better.

So after bedtime last night, my hubby and I are enjoying some adult quiet time in our living room. About 30 minutes after Ethan goes to bed we hear him call to us with panic in his voice. There was a "flying" bug in his room and could we come help. So, naturally I send Brian in, I don't want to find a bug. After several minutes I began to wonder if they found the bug so I joined them in Ethan's room. Brian could not find a bug, so I joined in the search. We were moving toys, drawings and looking in all the best hiding places for a bug. We were unsuccessful bug hunters and had to leave him in his room with the bug....EEK!

We left his door propped open more than we usually do to apease him a bit. A few minutes later I hear some clanking from his room and Ethan calling out "Here bug, come here bug." To which I respond, "Ethan what are you doing?" He told me that he was hunting the bug for himself and he would not go to sleep until he found it. At this point I am thinking to myself, SHIT this could be a long night.

After about 10 minutes of the clanking and yelling for the bug, I went to his door and assured him that whatever the bug was it would not hurt him.  He  then told me that it was a Jumbo Gnat, "Mommy I think it will suck out all my blood."  I assured him that if it were a Jumbo Gnat it would not bite him, sting him or suck out all his blood. He began to calm down after that but I could still hear him talking in his room about the gnat being in his closet and he was telling the bug to leave him alone.

I must say this situation has provided me with a lot of entertainment. His imagination just cracks me up and the stories he makes up are so elaborate and full of detail. These stories make up for all the trips to Crazy Town he sends me on. Love you bunches Ethan!

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