Monday, July 18, 2011

McFatty Monday Update

Yes, this week calls for a celebration. I lost 2.2 pounds and finally broke through the 15 pound mark!!!!! That 15 pounds was haunting me for several weeks with very small gains and losses, I was hovering at 14.6-14.8 for a while. 

The thing that I feel helped the most was actually putting a goal down here on my blog that you can read about here and this gives me some accountability. This means that I am 7.2 pounds away from my short term goal of 10% down by Labor day, that will be a total of 24 pounds gone forever! Yes that means I started out at a whopping 240 pounds.....and my total goal is to weigh 150 pounds. 

One reason I did not mention last week as a reason for wanting to lose weight is....I long to weigh less than my husband. If there is one thing you should know about Brian, it is that he is tall and thin and has a hard time gaining weight (he is lucky I love him so much, because I could really cuss him out about this.) Another reason is I want my BMI to be a number I am proud of then my doctor will not have to lecture me at every physical about being so heavy.  

Here are the two numbers I strive for and will love to shout proudly when they are reached: 150 pounds and 22 BMI. If you have numbers you strive for and want to shout now or someday, leave me a comment! We are all here to support each other in all of life's journeys. 

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