Monday, January 2, 2012

McFatty Monday - 2012

Well, we all made it to 2012! Some of us a little lighter than we started 2011. I am proud to say that I began 2012 15 pounds lighter than I began 2011! As many of you know, this has been quite a struggle to lose that 15 pounds. Some weeks I lost, some weeks I gained but all in all I was down for the year! That is not the weight loss I expected to have in 2011 when I began at Weight Watchers, but how can I complain. 
Here are a few other accomplishments I had that were not scale related:
1. I was able to toss out ALL my size 18 jeans and now fit in all my cute size 16 jeans! NO MORE FAT JEANS!!!
2. I went down a bra size....not a cup size but the "around" size!!!

3. I have changed my eating habbits and have changed some of the eating habbits of my husband and son......we now only eat wheat bread, wheat pasta, brown rice, a lot of veggies and fruit for snacks (well at least for Ethan and I).

 Here are some of my GOALS for 2012:

1. I will continue to go to Weight Watchers and work the program to help me lose more weight!

2. I will add more activity to my week. I will take my dog  on longer walks, I will do a workout video 3 days a week (and schedule this on my calendar).

3. I will hike with my husband and son this summer, this is a biggie because I have not hiked in several summers!!! My son is such a big inspiration, I want to keep up with him.....he is 6!

I wish all my readers a very happy and healthy 2012!!! May you all reach your goals and may you all have a lot of "cheerleaders" along your journey!!
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  1. Good for you! I have been doing WW's also & have lost 24.6 lbs. So, I understand the challenges! Wishing you continued luck (along with hard work!)

  2. What sort of difference has Weight Watchers made for you? I mean, obviously, you are down 15 lbs, but I have been struggling for months now and can't lose. I have honestly given up.

  3. WW has made a big difference for me. I really tried to do it on my own. This gives me a little more accountability and motivation. I know you can also do WW online but I really like the meetings, I get encouragement, ideas and support. Don't give up, give WW a try and see if it helps you out! Thanks for reading!