Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Yee Haw!! Cowboy Fun!!!

Ethan checking out the western saddle in the horse barn
 Ethan and I took a very fun trip to the National Western Stock Show this past weekend. This is a tradition that my mom started with me and I love that I get to continue it with Ethan. This is his 6th Stock Show and each year it gets more fun to watch him enjoy this time. We did not go to the rodeo this year because he often complains of being bored....typical 6 year-old!
Ethan sitting in a John Deere tractor wheel
 The Stock Show in Denver is set in 3 buildings and you have to be prepared to walk A LOT!! There are a lot of vendors selling all sorts of things from farm equipment, cookware, horse trailers and many other things. Ethan's favorite vendors are the John Deere Tractor dealers. He loves to sit on all the tractors because that is what cowboys do! He also loves the trailer dealers, he often dreams of having a horse (or many) and hauling them around in his trailer! 
Ethan participating in the pedal tractor race
 There are so many activities for the kids at the Stock Show. Ethan had a blast walking around the horse barn, and the other barn that had the sheep, pigs, goats and cows. You get to talk to a lot of the ranchers who raise the animals and learn all about each type of animal. We sat down and watched a little bit of a heifer show, and saw some very young kids showing these big animals. He liked seeing the sheep get sheered and even participated in a pedal tractor race.
Ethan with the Llama
The petting zoo is always a hit with the kids and this one did not disappoint.  There were sheep, goats, potbelly pigs, llamas and alpacas. We were able to feed them, brush them and pet them. There was so much to learn at the Stock Show this year and I love the days when my son has bunches of fun while he is learning!

Ethan fell in love with this sheep

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