Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tebow Mania!!

As you know, I am a Colorado girl. I am a native of Colorado and of course I am a Broncos fan! I am sure you have heard all the hype about Tim Tebow and what he has done for the Broncos this season. If you are not a football fan, you may have heard about him on the Today Show or other national news casts. 

I for one like Tim Tebow,he is not the most consistent quarterback, but he is a great leader that the Broncos were needing. The things that are bothering me are how many people are mocking him being a Christian. They don't think he should be praying on the field or singing Christian songs on the field. I saw a stat on MSNBC today that said 43% of people think God is helping Tim Tebow win football games. REALLY?? This 43% of people really think that with all the horrible things in the world that God had the time to help out Tim Tebow and the Broncos? 

I have seen bumper stickers for years that say "God must be a Broncos fan, why else would sunsets be orange and blue?" This does not bother me because it is so tongue & cheek, but I have to say that I am floored that there are people out there that actually believe that God is helping Tim Tebow. He is not the first Christian football player, nor will he be the last. We have never lifted any other player like this so I don't understand why we feel the need to do this with Tebow. 

On Saturday, I will be in my living room, cheering for the Broncos, ALL the Broncos! I am glad Tim Tebow prays when he wants to and sings his Christian songs on the field. I think his belief in God gives him strength in his abilities and in all aspects of his life and that is why he is a great football player and man!!


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