Thursday, December 29, 2011

Our Christmas!!

Ethan with my mom on Christmas Eve
Ethan as a Sheep on Christmas Eve
After a bit of a break from my blog for the Christmas holiday, I am back and have made my 2012 goal to throw in a couple more blog posts per week! My family and I had a wonderful holiday and are looking forward to the new year. We spend our Christmas very laid back, we attend Christmas Eve service at church and Ethan participates in the service, this year he was a sheep in the service. Then we look at some Christmas lights on our way home. Once we are home, it is time to put out the cookies, milk and carrots (the reindeer need their energy) and head to bed. The next morning Ethan came bouncing into our room at 7:30 (yes we are blessed not to have an early bird) and yelled at us "Santa Came!!" Since we live in an apartment, there is not much space between our room and the living room with the tree. He kept running back and forth giving a grand description of what Santa had left and kept saying....."come on guys, get up!!" The couple moments it took  us to get up and come out of our room must have seemed like an eternity to him!! Once we are up, he can then open gifts from Santa and rummage around in his stocking. Like I said, we have a very laid back day on Christmas and my mom comes over in her jammies and we all stay in our jammies all day! Once my mom is here and we all have a little coffee and breakfast is in the oven we can begin the gift opening marathon. My son had such a wonderful Christmas and we are all so blessed by wonderful family and friends!! I hope each of you had a wonderful Holiday (whichever you celebrate) and you all have a fabulous 2012!!

Ethan with his buddy Ezekiel as sheep together

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