Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Workin' it Wednesday

 Today I decided to link up with The Family Szem for Workin' it Wednesday!
Today I am so proud of myself, I actually got up at 5:20 today and did my workout before getting ready for work! This is part of my 2012 goals and it feels so good to actually be following my own plans! You can read about all my 2012 goals here and leave me a comment about what your goals are. 
So my workout today was courtesy of my mother who purchased this kit (at my request) for me for Christmas. This workout kit comes with the video that has 3 levels of workout, weighted hand wraps and a 10-week activity tracker. I decided not to begin tracking my activity until next week because this week is a little out of whack with the holiday. However, I did not let that me make the excuse not to start my plan to move more.  So this morning I did the beginner workout and felt a bit uncoordinated because I did not view the video before hand. I am positive that will get much better as I do the video more often.  I think the one thing that helped me the most was getting everything ready last night for this workout. I am not a fan of getting up any earlier than I have to so this was a key component to helping me make this work. Last night I made sure the video was in the player and ready to go and I got out my workout clothes so I was not fumbling around to find them this morning, in the dark, trying to be quiet and not wake up Brian (although my hubby can sleep through ANYTHING!!).

I hope you are all making a plan to achieve your 2012 goals! I would love to hear your goals and your plan to help you ready your goal!! I always love new ideas!!!

For more great ideas you can also check out Building our Story, Censie has great ideas and is working the WW program as well!


  1. How awesome! I need to start a work out routine!! Good job!

  2. This is one of my goals as well and I bought a kettle bells set to help, but then I threw my hip out. Keep us encouraged!