Wednesday, April 27, 2011

GRRRR....Traffic Court

So last month I was hanging out with my BFF, Koni, on a Friday night. We were out hearing a live band at a night club and having a good time. At about midnight we decided to call it a night and I was driving her home since I drove us to the club. We were in A-Town, Aurora to the non-Colorado folks, which is where I grew up but not my favorite part of the Metro Aea anymore. I was pulled over unexpectedly because I was not speeding (for once) and we had been great at the club and had nothing to drink except water and Diet Coke. The young (he looked 12) officer came to my window and told me that he had pulled me over because my license plate lights were burned out. WHAT?? REALLY?? I didn't even know I had lights that illuminated my license plate. How the hell would I know they were burned out! Then he decided to test the darkness of my window tint, that is too dark, who knew? Finally, he decided to give me a ticket for my out of date insurance card. I did have insurance on my car at the time, I just did not have the correct card in my car. Well, actually the card was in my car, it was just buried under all the other paperwork in my glove box and it is dark at midnight which makes it hard to search for paperwork.

So I get the damn ticket and it is a mandatory court appearance. Today was my court date. Since my last name is near the beginning of the alphabet, my time is 8:00 am.  I show up right at 8:00 am and wait my turn to talk to the DA. Luckily for me, I had called earlier, trying to find out if I could just mail something in and not appear in court, and was told I needed  a letter from my insurance company proving I was insured at the time of the ticket. I am there for 20 min, after driving there for 45 min. I was told that my ticket would be dismissed due to the letter I brought with me. However, I would have to pay $30 for court fees. What the hell, I could have mailed my letter and a check in weeks ago and avoided the waste of my time. I have to say I think the legal system is a bit messy and backwards. There are so many offenses that you can just mail in your fine that are much worse than having an expired insurance card, but NO, they feel the need to waste people's time!

**stepping off my soap box**

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  1. Don't feel too bad. My hubby got pulled over in Roswell and got several beautiful tickets. My tags on my car had just expired and because I had been fighting with the dmv in colorado, I had expired tags, ticket 1. Then my husband did not put the current insurance card in the car as I had instructed (they don't take direction to well sometimes), ticket#2. Then he decided that my daughter who is 60lbs and almost 6 is not big enough for the brand new law of 70 lbs and 7 years old, ticket#3. Did I mention that he was pulled over for going 12 over the speed limit? Then we had to drive back down to Roswell a month later, 3 hours away only to get there and have them dismissed in 5 minutes. I feel your pain my sister.