Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Ramblings!

I can express how glad I am that today is Friday. This has been a very hard week and I am ready for the weekend. Tomorrow is “Weigh In” day and thank goodness it is before the Easter Bunny drops off any goodies at our house. We will be having a full family Easter dinner at my Uncle’s house this Sunday since that is the place my poor mother is being confined. It is always an interesting time when the whole family (barring the family living outside of the Denver Metro Area) attends a holiday function. I have been waiting for this time since I started Weight Watchers. This will be my first “Holiday” with my new eating habits.

On a high note, I had four people tell me yesterday that they could really tell I have lost weight. YA HOOO!!!! I might have to wear that outfit EVERY DAY!! I have been able to get rid of my “fat girl” jeans and most of my pants that are now in my closet are getting very lose on me. I will be making the trek to our storage garage this weekend to dig out my “skinny” box and pray that all the clothes in there are not so out of style that I have to give them all away.

My secret hope is that since I had a stomach bug this week and a lower appetite, I can pull a big number tomorrow on the scale. I would love to lose 3 pounds this week and be at a nice round 10 pounds lost. Fingers crossed everyone!!

Until Monday, wishing everyone a very Happy Easter!!

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