Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Being An Only Child

When I was a child I loved being an only child. At times it was lonely when my friends could not play with me but overall it was a wonderful scenario. I did not  have to share my toys, I did not have to fight for attention from my mother. I did not have to wear hand-me-down clothes. I felt like I had it made!

Now fast forward to present day and I am finding out that this is a time in my life I could use a sibling. My mother recently had surgery and is non-weight-bearing for the next 3 months. We had to take her to my uncle's house because he has the only house with an extra room and no stairs. He happens to live about 60 miles from my house. As hard at that might be on its own, I work a full time job, I have a 5 year-old son and a husband that works until 9pm. My extended family (aunts and uncle) are really chipping in and helping me out with taking care of my mom. She is learning how to use all the medical equipment that we have either rented or purchased. I know this is hard for her and I am trying my best to keep that in perspective. I am feeling exhausted and feeling like I am neglecting the needs of my family.

Brian has been wonderful during this process and stepping it up where I am falling short. This is the time I am wishing I had a large house she could be in and plenty of time to just stay home and take care of her. That is not my reality at this time and I have to relinquish some of that control to other members of my family.  I have to take my "Super Girl" cape off. I feel like if I can't spend as much time as I want to spend with her during this healing process that I am failing and I know that is not true and I also know that my mom does not feel that way. At this time I feel as if I have taken up permanent residence in "Crazy Town". Let's hope I can make the trip back to reality sooner than later.

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