Monday, April 25, 2011

McFatty Monday Update

Well friends, I did it!! I have passed the 10 pound mark with my weight loss!! Last week I lost 3.8 pounds and I was so happy I did a little dance! I am sure it helped a little that I had a stomach bug and did not eat for one whole day. However it happened, I'll take it!! I have lost a total of 10.8 pounds to date and this week my goal is to lose 2 more pounds so I can make it to my 5% mark.

Each time you hit a mark in Weight Watchers you get a sticker. I have actually turned into a 5 year-old and I am motivated by stickers for my folder. I have two so far, one for each 5 pound weight loss I have achieved. The 5% sticker is a big one and I can't wait to have that one.
The beginning of this week has been a challenge. Easter was not the hard part, much to my surprise. Today at work was horrible. There seems to be a common thought amongst people that you need to take a lot of candy to places with children on every holiday. My place of business was a victim of these thoughts, there was so much candy in our break room today because there is only so much candy you need to give to a child then you have to share it with the staff. Every time I went into the kitchen to fill my water, I found myself grabbing a piece of candy. I have no idea why, I was not hungry. I think I will have to do some extra walking this week to ensure I make my goal. I know today is over and I can only hope that all the other people I work with have consumed all that candy and it will not be in there to tempt me tomorrow.

I wish you all a wonderful week filled with limitless willpower!!!

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