Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My New Lifesaver

My husband found this new (at least to us) website that is now changing the way we manage our family. Cozi, which can be found here, is a total family management system. You get to set up your whole family, including pets, as members of your family. The most useful part of this website is the shared calendar. If I put an appointment or activity on the calendar everyone can see it on the calendar with their own private username and password. When putting items on the calendar you can also assign who needs to attend that activity. Everything is color coded and you can print out your calendar by day, week or month.

You also have a place to make shopping lists and everyone can add items to the lists. I currently have 4 shopping lists going based on the stores we shop at each month. There is also a place you can make To-Do lists. You can make as many lists as you want including a shared to-do list for the whole family. 

There is a place to make a journal of fun events, funny quotes and memorable times with your family. You can download the app for your iPhone and carry this information with you everywhere you go. You can sync this information with your Outlook calendar too. This website seems to have everything any family needs to manage their time. and one last fun thing, in the downloads section, they have the Cozi Family Cookbook with fast, family friendly recipes. 

Take just a moment to take the tour of this website and you will think "how did we live without this site?"

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