Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Movin' on Up

We're movin' on up!! Last year my hubby and I made the move from Parker, CO to Castle Rock, CO. Because my hubby had been laid off for quite some time we moved into an apartment that is lower rent based on your income. Since then Brian has gotten a job and now we have to move out of this apartment because we don't qualify so now we are moving. Thank goodness we were able to find another apartment in the same complex. 

The best part is we get to move into a bigger apartment, the worst part is, we still have to move. We still have to pack everything, and move it and unpack it. 

This is never a fun task for anyone, but it is even worse when you are attempting to do this with a 5 year-old in the house. He wants to help so much, but as you can imagine, there is only so much he can actually help. This leads to more arguments than I care to have with my little man. I am so glad we decided to save the packing for this week and have it a bit concentrated and not spread it out more than we needed to. I know we will make it through this move, however, we may not all be friends at the end...hahaha...just kidding!

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