Monday, September 5, 2011

McFatty Monday Update

Last week you might have noticed I did not do a McFatty Monday Update. The biggest reason is, I did not attend my meeting or weigh in last week. The last two weeks I have been off track. I used my cousin's wedding as my excuse, but really I could have kept on track better during those weeks.  I did find myself keeping on track much better at work since I typically don't eat any food that I don't bring with me. There is the occasion when we have extra food at work but I can often fend off the need to eat it. My problem is and has always been, my eating at home. I have boys in my house that never gain weight, no matter what they eat. My hubby has quite a sweet tooth and likes all the goodies that made me fat; Little Debbie Snacks, Cookies, Ice Cream and candies. I try to keep snacks in the house that make me feel like I am cheating but are good for me, FiberOne Brownies are my newest love! When my boys are eating their Little Debbie goodness, I am eating my FiberOne yummyness. 

So the verdict when I went to weigh in on Saturday was, I gained 2 pounds, which I have to say, was not as much as I was prepared for. I thought for sure I had gained 3-4 pounds. That day, I did head to the grocery store and made sure I filled my fridge with all the stuff I need to help keep me on track. I just might be too busy this week to actually get off track. I am so busy at work this week and we are packing our house to move next weekend so I may just keep myself preoccupied and not think about the yummy, bad-for-me things I want to snack on. The other great thing is, the weather in Colorado is getting much cooler and taking longer walks with the dog and kiddo will be back in the routine. 

Have a Happy and Healthy Week!!!!

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