Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Children are a gift

I know that all the people who read my blog know that children are a gift and I also know that most rational people in the world know that children are a gift. This blog entry is about all the asshole parents out there that treat their kids like a burden in life.  As some of you know, I work at a non-profit that has a school and residential center for children who have been abused and neglected.  This is not the easiest place to work at times. Luckily I am in the fundraising department and I don't often have to witness the anger and anguish the children we serve go through.

Today was one of the days I am reminded why I work here. There was a little boy crying and and yelling in the hallway outside my office. The kids often yell and scream because they don't get their way or someone made them mad, just like all kids, but thier reaction is amplified. This happens more often than I like to say but today sounded different. The boy in the hall today sounded like his heart was broken, he kept repeating that he wanted to go home with her. I decided to ask someone why he was having such a hard time. I was told he was upset because his mother did not show up to visit him today for thier therapy session. I can't imagine how hurt that boy felt but you could hear it in his voice.

Since we serve children from age 5-18 I often see a child that is the same age as my son and that is always hard for me. I can't imagine my little man being in a place like this, not tucking him in each night, not hugging him each day, not talking to him about his day. I know I have blogged about Ethan's behavior and there are days I am at my whits end with him but I know in my heart that there is no greater gift than my son and I just wish all parents felt the same way. I would gladly give up my job (becuase there would not be any need to fundraise for the kids) if all the parents of our kids here would just know what a gift thier children are and step up and be a real parent. Don't forget, everyone can make a difference in the life of a child. If you are a parent, hug you child extra tonight. If you are not a parent, maybe try volunteering to read to a child or sit with a sick child in the hospital. I promise your life will be enriched just as much as thier's.

My All Time Favorite Picture of My Gift!

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