Tuesday, May 17, 2011

When did my little boy grow up??

I still remember the day we took this picture, he was so little still (about 10 months old) and this was the first time he fell asleep in our bed. I miss the days when he was this little and all he wanted to do was cuddle with us.

In the last week it seems he has grown by leaps and bounds. Last week he came home and called me into the bathroom. When I went in the bathroom to see what he needed he told me, "look mommy, I can now stand and go peepee!" I praised him for his new skill and quietly died a little inside. That same day he decided he did not need the step stool at the sink to wash his hands and he could complete this task "All By Himself." WHAT?? You don't want me there to help and make sure they really get clean? Then a few days later he was in the bathroom washing his hands and then yelled from the bathroom, "Mom, I'm gonna brush my teeth!" which I replied, "Ok, I'm on my way to come help." to which he replied, "No, I can do this myself!" Ok, now I am freaking out a little bit. Just last week I was doing all these tasks for him and now he does not need me there to help. I guess I have taught him well and he can do these things by himself but I don't think I was prepared for him to grow up all in one week.

Next week we have his graduation from Pre-School and that is another big step for him that I have known was coming but am still not quite ready to face. I still miss my little man that was always so happy to see me come in his room in the morning. Now he comes out of his room and begins demanding food and cartoons from me first thing.  This is the month I guess I have to say good-bye to my little baby and say hello to my big boy.

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