Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Holiday Season

 The holiday season is such a magical time of the year. There are a lot of lights, yummy goodies, extra time spent with family and hearts filled with joy. This time of the year was made so much better when our son was born 6 years ago. There is nothing quite like the holiday season when you have a kiddo around. It seems that every little thing gets him more excited for this season. He loved hearing all the stories about the Christmas ornaments. 

 This year he was able to write a letter to Santa without much help, only some spelling help. We mailed his letter at Macy's and yet he was still very excited to sit on Santa's lap to tell him just what he wanted this year. He received a very cool card from the North Pole Elves, thank you Tiny Prints, letting him know that he is indeed on the nice list this year. 
We know in Denver that the holiday season has officially begun when we brave the cold weather to see the Parade of Lights. This parade is full of beautiful floats, marching bands and balloons all decorated with lights. Santa comes to make a special guest appearance at the end of the parade and put the best smiles on the faces of all the believers watching the parade. 

I hope this holiday season is bringing joy to all of my readers! Tell me about some of the traditions you hold dear during this time of the year.


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  2. I miss the parade of lights! I used to live in Colorado Springs, but moved east more than 10 years ago now. I still swear I am going to make it back for a visit every year.