Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Midweek Randoms - CRAZY TOWN!!

Everyone who reads this blog knows that I love my son very much. He is one of the many joys in my life. With that said, MY SON HAS ME ON A ONE WAY ROAD TO CRAZY TOWN!!  Let me also preface that with, it is not a very long drive to get me to Crazy Town, I tend to reside half way there all on my own.

For those of you who have younger children let me just prepare you a little. Once you child is around 5 (Ethan started some of this at 4) and/or starting Pre-School they will become a know-it-all. This is a problem in my house only because there is typically only room for one know-it-all in any house and that position is already occupied by ME!  This often makes life tense and my son and I argue quite a bit. I think it is mostly due to the fact that while my son got all his great looks from my husband, he inherited his personality mostly from me, with a little Brian sprinkled in here and there too.  We are very much alike in the way we think and react to situations.

The biggest issue we are having right now is the listening.  He has decided that he does not have to listen to us and he can do what he wants, when he wants.  I am very glad he is a strong person with his own personality but, he really needs to listen. There is only so much reasoning you can actually do with a 5 year-old before he just starts to ignore you.

If there are parents out there who have any ideas, tips, tricks they use I would be very glad to entertain them and report back on whether they worked for us.  The only comfort is that I know I will have friends who will also be driven to Crazy Town and we can all sit around and drink chat with each other.


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