Monday, June 13, 2011

McFatty Monday Update

WOO HOO!!! I have made it through two very difficult weeks, wanting to give up and eating horribly! I faced the music on Saturday and stepped on the scale and lost 1.6 lbs!! This brings me to 14.2 lbs lost so far and next week I will be celebrating 15+ lbs lost!! I have a renewed energy for the program and I am working harder to keep on track and keep myself interested in losing weight. After so many years of looking for that magic pill that will make me a size 6 overnight, I have come to realize that albeit slow, this method is working because I am so much more aware of what I am eating and why I am eating. It does not hurt that quite a few people have told me that they can tell I am losing weight and I was able to get into some pants this last weekend that I have been wanting to fit for a while. I am going to celebrate this week, but not with the cake that is above. I just found this picture to be ironic to this post.

The thing that makes me to most happy is that I have inspired my mom to join Weight Watchers when she has completely healed from her surgery. She has lost some weight through her recovery and she is ready to lose more and she hears me tell her all the time that I feel satisfied with the food I am allotted each day and I don’t feel like I am on a diet. I am starting to feel much better about my progress and happy to be getting healthier. I hope everyone has a Happy and Healthy week!!

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  1. I can definitely tell you've lost weight by looking at you now! Hooray!