Monday, June 6, 2011

McFatty Monday Update

So, this week I was a coward!!!! I went to my meeting, and decided I was not going to weigh in.  I have been so far off track for the last week and I was not emotionally ready to face the number on the scale!  I think I made the choice to not even try, the thought that actually ran through my head was, “I don’t care if I stay fat forever.”  Irrational I know, but it seemed perfectly rational at the time and I am sure I was eating one of the Ding Dongs we purchased for my husband.  I have not had a Ding Dong in years and have no idea what possessed me to eat one at that time.
I have not exercised much control over the food going into my mouth for the last week, nor have I actually exercised this past week.  I am however proud that I did get my big ass out of bed on Saturday and sit through my meeting.  That has motivated me to get back on track and I have been eating better since then.  I also walked a 5K on Sunday with my WW leader and my family.  That made me feel better about myself and the whole weight loss process.
Since the I have hopped off the “Crazy Train” that I was riding for a week and I am back on track with my eating and food tracking….stay tuned to the new weight loss that I will be able to report next week!! Have a happy and healthy week!!

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