Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Winter arrived in Colorado

Well last week we had our first snow storm in the Denver area and it was a mess. There were power outages all over the place, broken tree branches in the road and a lot of clean-up. Last night we got our second snow storm of the season and this one seemed bigger to me. We seemed to have gotten more snow, WAY more wind which created blizzard conditions where I live and some schools have thier first snow day of the year. This is the time of the year I love to live in Colorado. Yes, I love the summers for all the outdoor activities that can be done but this is really the reason to live in Colorado. It was so much fun growing up here and playing in the snow but it is much better watching my son have a great time in the snow! I hope all my fellow Coloradans are staying dry and warm and I hope everyone else makes a trip to Colorado during the best time of the year!!

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  1. I love snow... unfortunately we live in Georgia and don't see much! We did travel to Colorado for a skiing vacation a few years back... beautiful, just beautiful!

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