Monday, November 7, 2011

McFatty Monday Update

As many of you know and some might not know, I am on a weight loss journey. I am currently a client of Weight Watchers and I have had many ups and downs. This week our topic was about not being so focused on the number on the scale. I am really going to try to take this message to heart. I am always very focused on that number, however, I don't ever weigh myself at home. I rely on the scale I step on every Saturday to tell me how I am doing. We all know, especially us women, that our weight can fluctuate from day to day; hell, it seems that it will fluctuate from hour to hour some days. Right now I have to be thankful because I am lighter than I was when I started. I have also learned some great, healthy tips along the way and I am still a sponge ready to absorb more information.

I used to have my weight loss ticker at the top of my blog and I decided to take it down. I am not ready at this point to declare my final destination in this journey. At this point my goal will be to be sure I can fit into all my size 16 pants and skirts. I have many that I can fit into but let's face it.....not all sizes are made the same! 

I am so lucky that my mom and aunt are on this journey with me and we can call each other during the week to lift the other up or get lifted up. We can swap ideas, recipes or simply bitch to one another about hating the fact that we have to lose weight. 

If anyone reading my blog is interested in a weight loss program I would be glad to give you the low down on Weight Watchers, just send me an email or comment. 

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