Monday, November 14, 2011

I'm not ready.....

I know it is almost Christmas and the whole world is getting ready for this magical time of the year. I am not a scrooge and happen to LOVE Christmas. Each year it seems the stores, malls, cities and neighbors start the decorating earlier and earlier. Now, since we live in Colorado, you never know what the temperature will be when you "want" to put up your lights and a lot of people around here do them on weekends that have nice weather. That is totally reasonable, but why do you need to turn them on at night? 

Today I happened to be in Wal-Mart to grocery shop and found them to be playing Christmas music. Oh My Goodness!!! Why has Thanksgiving become the forgotten holiday? Thanksgiving is such a wonderful time! In our family, we get together with all the family, eat great food, watch some football and have a great time! It is a lot like Christmas but without the pressure of gift giving. 

Don't get me wrong, we are in full preparation mode for Christmas in our house, how can we not be with a 6 year-old living here. Letter to Santa is getting written, wish list is getting filled in, I am preparing my kitchen for the rush of holiday baking and we are already thinking about where the tree will go in our new place this year.  I just wish we, as American's, did not just jump from Halloween directly into Christmas. We should all take the time to enjoy the wonder of Thanksgiving. And PLEASE, No Christmas music yet!!!

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  1. I agree! we have 3 neighbors with their christmas lights on already!

  2. I'm starting to gear up for Christmas. I can't help it, I need the holiday cheer right now!

    I liked you on facebook! Cheers!