Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Back on the Blog Waggon!!

Hello faithful readers!! I am now back on the blog waggon after a much needed break. February was such a crazy month for us! January and February are just very busy for me at work and both my hubby and I got sick in February. I was sick for 3 weeks, on antibiotics for 2 of those. I have still enjoyed reading everyone's blogs and keeping up with everyone on Facebook.

I hope to catch up with all of you wonderful readers more this month!! On the horizion I have some giveaways coming and I am looking for a new blog design too!! If you have any suggestions on a great blog designer, please pass it my way and I will be sure to let them know you sent me!! I am also looking for some sponsers for and I am willing to do a trade for sponsors too!!

Thanks for reading!!

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  1. I too am on a weight loss journey, an only child with the typical only child tendencies! I look forward to reading your posts!!!!!!

    Found your blog on a search of Colorado Mom Bloggers off of Bloggy Moms! I live just south of Denver! Hope you can follow me back and join my site as well!!!